Hands and Feet

nailbarLuxury Manicure
A luxurious manicure incorporating filing, cuticle work, hand & arm massage followed by a deeply nourishing paraffin wax treatment. Finishing with O.P.I polish application. £27.50

Using O.P.I products for the best possible nail care, we file and shape, cuticle care, buffed to perfection, hand and arm massage followed by an application of O.P.I polish. £20.60

Manicure with Gel Colour
Miracle manicure! Promises smudge free colour, and lasts for weeks. The treatment involves file & shaping, cuticle work, hand and arm massage and application of O.P.I Gel polish £25.20


File & Paint
File and shape, hydrating your hands with O.P.I Avo juice, followed by a dash of O.P.I colour £13.20

File & Paint with Gel Colour
Mini miracle! File and shaping of the nails, a hydrating hit of O.P.I’s Avo juice followed by an application of O.P.I Gel colour £16.80

Gel Removal


Luxury Pedicure 

A luxurious treatment for your toes, incorporating file and shape of the nail, cuticle care, foot scrub and buff, a deeply relaxing foot and leg massage, a deeply hydrating paraffin wax treatment followed by application of colour. £30.30

File and shape, cuticle care, foot scrub and buff, hydrating hit of O.P.I foot cream along side a relaxing foot massage followed by application of colour. £23.85

Gel Colour Pedicure
Receive a full nourishing pedicure using out O.P.I Foot products, topping it off with a Gel Varnish.. No drying time, perfect if you have forgotten your sandals! £28.20

Gel Colour File & Paint on Toes

If pedicures just aren’t for you but you love have a dash of colour.. Don’t worry! Gel File & Paint is perfect for you, Shaping the nail and applying the gel. Its as simply as that. £18.80