facialOxygenating Seasonal
This treatment will oxygenate, hydrate, smooth, brighten & protect the skin from all elements, Tailored for all skin types.  £35.00

A Prescription Facial which preserve the beauty & strength of the skin and maintains a natural glow leaving you soft & refreshed.   £35.00

High protection eye treatment
A complete treatment to maintain & protect the beauty of the eye £32.95

For woman who wish to keep their age to themselves, taking up to 6 years off your skin    £59.00

The complete hydrating treatment targets all dehydrated & dry skin types, hydration is improved by up to 71% after only one treatment .  £55.00

The Perfect Shape

From cheekbones to the bust, a treatment designed to preserve the facial contour & decollete £39.00

Le Homme
One for the men, a deep facial that detoxis & energise the male to protect against pollution & daily aggressions .  £39.00