facialSeasonal Care
A Pure Oxygenating Treatment which incorporates the purest ingredients from the seasons harvest to rejuvenate & brighten the skin. Tailored for all skin types.  £32.50

A Prescription Facial which concentrates on your skin needs, leaving you feeling cleansed, soft & refreshed.   £32.50

Active Contour
An Intensive Formula that revitalizes the eyes whilst reducing fine lines & wrinkles. A treatment that gives the eyes an overall more youthful appearance.  Query for price

Collagen Hyaluronique
An Intensive Anti-Ageing Treatment clinically proven to reduce wrinkles by up to 28% after only treatment. Customised for all skin needs and suitable for all skin types.   £51.00

A Tailor Made Hydration Solution providing incomparable moisturising power with immediate and long lasting results.  £52.00

Le Homme
One for the men. A deep relaxing facial, each product used leaves the skin bright, clean, soft and refreshed, leaving him floating in the clouds.  £39.00